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CAD/CAM/GIS Software Localization with Software Engineering


Project Brief:

Software, like any other text-based content, needs to be translated and localized before it gets launched internationally. Accordingly, the IT industry depends on localization services to adapt their applications to the needs of multinational clients. One such software developer approached us with a CAD/CAM/GIS localization project that required translation, software engineering, and desktop publishing (DTP) work in 7 languages. Because the application was to be marketed, launched, and used by consumers from multiple countries, the most important marketing aspects revolved around localization.

The project contained around 1 million words, divided into batches of work that took between 2 weeks to 3 months at a time to complete. Each portion of the project was handled on time thanks to our flexible localization workflow that was adapted to the specifics of our client and overseen by a dedicated project manager who also adjusted the amount of resources necessary to handle the project at different stages, ensuring steady capacity at every step.

Our project manager was also responsible for maintaining a close working relationship with the client to ensure a steady flow of information and quick response times. The PM handled communication with several departments inside the client’s organization, coordinating tasks and milestones while scheduling weekly conference calls that were used to address issues and changes.

The localization project grew to include the translation of user interfaces, online helps, readme files and courseware. This required the preparation of a terminology base for every part of the assignment. In order to coordinate the work of all the localization engineers, translators, and DTP specialists who worked on the project, we utilized a Translation Memory server for the project that helped to streamline the diverse types of work.

Upon the completion of roughly 80% of the project, the client was completely satisfied with the quality of work that we provided – so much so that they extended the working relationship to encompass additional localization projects for new software and applications.

Background Information:

  1. Client industry: Software development
  2. Type of product: CAD/CAM/GIS software
  3. Type of project: Translation, Localization, Software Engineering, DTP
  4. Languages involved: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Czech
  5. Amount of work: over 1,000,000 words
  6. Time frame: 3 months
CAD-CAM-GIS Software Localization with Software Engineering Project Samples

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