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Database Translation Project


Project Brief:

One of our tech and database mining clients contracted us to complete an intricate categorization system translation. The system is used to categorize web pages as they are surfed by users in an effort to enforce the website’s usage policy over the users. As such, the project required unconventional translation tasks such as the culturally equivalent conversion of English terms to corresponding terms in a target language. This database translation required the translation and adaptation of over 90,000 words of source English content into Slovak and Czech in under 6 weeks.

In an effort to accurately translate the categorization translation project on time, Argos designated a team of three tested translators and one reviewer. Their job was to effectively translate the content while preserving the conceptual meaning of the English terms in the target language. This client requirement meant that the entire translation process more resembled localization, where context is given prior rank. Furthermore, the client requested that our translators provide more than one possible translation for each of the terms.

Thanks to a sterling effort by our team, we completed the project on time while abiding by all client-mandated rules, delivering a highly complex but adaptable translation.

Background Information:

  1. Client Industry: Data Mining and Software Development
  2. Type of Product: Categorization System
  3. Type of Project: Translation
  4. Languages involved: English, Slovak, Czech
  5. Amount of work: 90,000 words
  6. Time Frame: 6 weeks
Database Translation Project-1

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