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Energy Sector Translation


Project Brief:

International energy suppliers regularly reach out to us because of the quality of our translation services. The projects we undertake include the translation of documents, briefs, news articles, and materials relating to various energy policies and enterprises. Recently, we undertook an energy sector translation of an environmental impact assessment analysis for a pipeline to be built by one of the largest energy suppliers in Europe.

The translation required the translation and review of over 200,000 words from English into Polish in less than 4 weeks. We dedicated 6 full-time translators to work on the project, which required the translation of highly intricate and technical content that revolved around a wide array of subjects, including biology, chemistry, fuel, petrochemicals, waste management, and assorted technical specifications.

In the end, the client was very satisfied and able to deliver all the necessary documentation to their required recipients.

Background Information:

  1. Client Industry: Energy sector
  2. Type of Product: Environmental impact assessment analysis
  3. Type of Project: Translation with review
  4. Languages involved: Polish and English
  5. Amount of work: over 200,000 words
  6. Time frame: under 4 weeks
Energy Sector Translation Project Samples

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