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Engineering Courseware Translation


Project Brief

Argos Multilingual completes many document translation projects for engineering team collaboration systems. One such engineering translation project involved courseware translation, localization, engineering processing, screen-shots capture and DTP into Korean. The engineering translation project was completed for a multinational institution that used the materials in trainings across different countries.

Because of the large scope of this project (over 133,000 words excluding 29,000 words that were 100% matches in Translation Memory tools) consisting of content that also encompassed user interface and documentation manuals, Argos dedicated a specialized team of DTP and localization specialists along with 6 skilled translators to handle the assignment.

In an effort to complete the project efficiently and maintain high quality, an adapted translation workflow was applied:

  1. Documentation translation, screen-shots capturing, DTP for client review
  2. Client review
  3. Corrections
  4. Final courseware approval

The translation & DTP output was also reviewed by the client upon completion in order to maintain consistency across all translated materials. Of importance was also the use of Translation Memory tools on this project. Translation Memories accounted for 33% of work completed over this project and the respective savings that the client accumulated based on the use of Translation Memory tools.

Overall, Argos adapted all materials exactly meeting our client’s specifications. Furthermore, our client was interested in having Argos complete another portion of the project, and assigned us a second courseware.

Background Information:

  1. Client’s Industry: Engineering
  2. Type of Product: Courseware, engineering documentation and manuals
  3. Type of Project: DTP, localization, translation and review
  4. Languages iInvolved: English into Korean
  5. Amount of Work: 133,000 words
  6. Time Frame: 11 weeks
Engineering Courseware Translation Project Samples

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