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Instruction and Diagnostic Machinery Manual Translation


Project Brief:

Because of our experience in their industry and our capacity to handle large projects in multiple languages by utilizing Translation Memory (TM) tools, a global industrial machinery manufacturer came to us looking to translate diagnostic manuals for their agricultural and forestry machinery, which includes tractors, combines, sprayers, harvesters, and all associated navigation software. The project required complete manual translations and software localization into 12 languages, and spanned 3 years as newer and larger user and diagnostic manuals were added.

At one point, the translation work had expanded to include the translation of 3,000,000 words into Russian alone. In order to cope with such a large project and ensure quality, we developed new tools that automated the work required to check files and made extensive use of TM tools, including servers that allowed multiple translators to work simultaneously while maintaining consistency and speed.

We also established dedicated teams of specialized translators to meet the client’s turnaround requirement. At any given time, up to 6 translators worked on a single portion of the project as multiple translations into the same language ran at the same time. The project was completed to the client’s specifications, meeting established deadlines and quality expectations and allowing the client to boost their international sales numbers.

Background Information:

  1. Client industry: Industrial machinery
  2. Type of product: Manuals and navigation software
  3. Type of project: Translation and localization
  4. Languages involved: Russian, Polish, Czech, Lithuanian, Serbian, Turkish, Latvian, Bulgarian, Estonian, Hungarian, Slovak, Romanian
  5. Amount of work: Over 3,000,000 words
  6. Time frame: long term/on-going project; 3+ years
Instruction and Diagnostic Machinery Manual Translation Project Samples

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