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Localizing Financial Software


This case study is about our client, a banking software development company which provides software solutions for financial institutions around the world. They were seeking a language service provider who could provide financial translations and localize their flagship IT solutions to make it more competitive in foreign markets.


Our client is a banking software development company providing IT solutions for financial institutions around the world. The company’s flagship products are in the field of mobile and online banking.

Work done for the client:

  • Translation of financial content (including legal documentation) 
  • Quality Assurance checks 
  • Localization with review  

Why They Chose Argos?

The company was looking to localize their flagship IT solution. They needed software localization services in order to expand the program’s user -base and make the product more competitive in foreign markets. 

Argos was chosen because of our quality at source philosophy, the use of subject-matter experts and our extensive background in providing localization services.

How Argos Helped?

To ensure that upon completion the financial software was fully functional in its target languages, our client required translation work with review and Quality Assurance checks, along with software engineering that consisted of creating a specific l10n tool. Each of these objectives were carried out by our localization team along with two translators, one reviewer and one QA specialist. 

In an effort to cut unnecessary costs and pass the savings back to the client, Argos used Translation Memory tools for this project. TM tools helped to reduce the final project price by 14%, leaving our client with a surplus budget available for other endeavors. 

Upon completion, the client was not only satisfied with the project’s translation quality and Argos’ services but also commissioned Argos Multilingual to further localize their financial app and its content into other languages. 

Localizing Financial Software Case Study

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