Preparing Training for a Global HRIS Implementation

12-step guide for end-user training and translation for companies and consultants who are tasked with implementing an HRIS solution globally.


A company’s HRIS training that addresses unique business processes, as well as global requirements, ultimately determines the success of the human resource system implementation.

1. Why End-User Training is Important?

User training is an important part of ongoing internal employee engagement and any system implementation or upgrade rollouts.

2. 12 Steps for Global End-User Training and Translation

  • Set training goals

  • Blended and hybrid

  • Global templates and development guidelines

  • Modular and targeted

  • What should be part of end-user training

  • Keep it short

  • Developed by users

  • Native languages are best for learning

  • Multimedia translation and localization

  • Rollout and kick-off session

  • Follow-up training with Q&A webinars/seminars

  • Maintenance and lessons learned

If you want to ensure your teams are HRIS prepared, download the eBook to learn how.

Preparing Training for a Global HRIS Implementation_eBook
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