Software Localization in the Agile Environment

Are you equipped to respond to change? Get up to speed with Agile localization


Agile development tackles large software projects in small pieces. This approach brings both challenges and benefits to the software localization process.


1. Why Agile Is Important for Global Business

Rapid time to market, responsiveness to customer demands and to changes in technology, and continual improvement in quality are among the reasons that Agile has become the methodology of choice for many software companies, and even in other industries.


2. How Agile Impacts Localization

Over time, cost savings typically result from integrating localization into the Agile process. It is easier for a developer to fix localization-related problems in last week’s code than in last year’s code.


3. How to Optimize the Localization Process in an Agile Environment and Reap the Benefits

Planning: By planning ahead with your localization agency, you can develop a schedule to integrate the Agile localization process into your product release cycle.

Costs and Budgeting: Agile’s steady stream of small handoffs generally results, over time, in lower development and localization cost.

Collaboration and Automation: The rapid pace of Agile demands coordination both within your company and with your localization agency.

Subject Matter Expertise: Over time, a dedicated team of translators and localization professionals builds subject matter expertise through the continuous stream of small pieces of content on a short turnaround.


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Software Localization in the Agile Environment
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