The Pillars of Centralization – Building A Successful Content Strategy

Build A Successful Content Strategy Using The Pillars of Centralization.


In a world of increasing compliance demands and shrinking budgets, a centralized content strategy is vital for accelerating time to market while increasing quality and cost savings. Learn core concepts and practical steps to create greater content accuracy, consistency and compliance in medical device documentation. 



1. Speak the Same Language

The first pillar is vital to the success of any centralization effort. From the beginning to end of any process, we must all speak the same language. Creation and control of terminology is absolutely vital to this effort but is only one part of it.

2. Quality at Source

Random and uncontrolled variability in technical documentation can create waste and potential confusion that has a negative impact on every phase of your process. 

3. Use the Same Tools and Materials

Sharing a common translation management system and terminology database leads to source and content reuse, automated desktop publishing, and a common look and feel to all documentation.

4. Quality at Delivery

With key pillars in place, your quality level should improve, as should your reuse of source and translated content. Add it all up, and it should give your superiors multiple reasons to continue investing in your centralization process.

5. Hire the Right Crew

Your team will be asked to build and manage a lot, which is why you shouldn’t just “deputize” someone to take everything on. Constructing a successful centralized process requires skilled architects and builders in addition to all the other pillars.

6. Change the Blueprint When Required

The life sciences landscape is in a constant state of upheaval. There are ongoing regulatory changes (of which MDR/IVDR for the EU is just the latest) and every time you turn around, it seems there are language additions driven by new regional requirements, or the need to compete effectively in a new market. Your process must continue to evolve to meet these changes.

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The Pillars of Centralization
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