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Translation of Medical Manuals


Project Brief:

Our client, a company with offices in Hungary and Israel and operations stretching across Europe, develops and manufactures infection control equipment, sterilization technologies, and accessories. They came to us with a medical translation project that consisted of a variety of medical manuals that were to be translated into German, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Norwegian and Slovak.

We were assigned to the 50,000 word project because our experience and desktop publishing (DTP) capabilities were considerably greater than those of the competing agencies. Our experience, skilled medical translators, and professional DTP department allowed us to handle all the DTP work for this project in-house while assigning dedicated medical translators to complete the linguistic work. The final project was delivered within the 2 month deadline, and the client was fully satisfied with our error-free translations.

Background Information:

  1. Client Industry: Medical Technology
  2. Type of Product: Manuals
  3. Type of Project: Translation
  4. Languages involved: German, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Norwegian, Slovak
  5. Amount of work: 50,000 words
  6. Time Frame: 2 months
Translation of Medical Manuals

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