Using an Independent Reviewer for your Translation Projects

Improve translation quality with an independent reviewer.


The best translations are often due to an important extra step: assessment of the translations by an independent reviewer. When you have someone else look over the translated content, you can head to new markets or start work with a new translation agency knowing that you’re putting your best foot forward.

  1. Plan for independent review: Ideally, determine if you want an independent reviewer prior to project initiation.

  2. Choose an agency or reviewer: Decide how to hire. You can ask your translation and localization agency to provide an independent review service or decide to hire directly.

  3. Schedule time for review: Build independent review into your timeline and plan.

  4. Provide content for review: Provide the independent reviewer with your source content.

  5. Communicate: Pinpoint the issues and avoid acrimony.

Want to ensure you have the best translations for your projects? This eBook will guide you through smart decision making when selecting an independent reviewer for your translations.

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