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Worldwide Employment Website: 
Content Creation in 16 languages


Discover how Argos helped a client rapidly scale their production of SEO-optimized articles across 16 different locales. Faced with the task of generating high volumes of SEO-focused content, our client needed a partner who could not only understand their unique needs but also deliver precise solutions swiftly and efficiently. Argos rose to the challenge by assembling a dedicated team of international SEO specialists, each an expert in their respective language. 

This specialized team took charge of researching and selecting keywords on a weekly basis, handling impressive volumes ranging from 50 to 200, depending on the target demographic. The result? A significant boost in localized content creation, perfectly tailored to engage each locale's audience effectively. 

Dive into our case study to learn more about how Argos can help you achieve your SEO goals.

Worldwide Employment Website Content Creation in 16 languages Case Study
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